Our Mission

The mission of Santa Claus Inc. (SCI) is to provide critical services to youth in the Inland Empire by empowering families through year round and seasonal programs.

Our Story

Santa Claus Inc. revolutionized its service model in 2012, transforming from a seasonal nonprofit to an industrial sized warehousing operation providing year round support to families with children living in poverty. The year round YES! Program provides “Youth Enrichment Services” to improve the quality of life for children who grow up in poverty, homelessness, foster care, or other extenuating circumstances.

The Yes! Program distributes NEW childhood essentials to children (ages 0-17), through a growing network of 60+ partners across the Inland Empire, including non-profits, school districts, community organizations, and county agencies.

New products arrive at the SCI warehouse from an array of corporate and non-profit retail and distribution partners, including Amazon,  Best Choice Products, Delivering Good, Good 360, and more.

A dedicated force of volunteers manage year round inventory and disseminate approximately $4 million dollars worth of essential products each year. Products distributed through SCI’s nonprofit networks improve the quality of life for children, providing much needed clothing, shoes, coats, toys, books, school supplies, hygiene items, birthday surprises, holiday cheer, and more.

Santa Claus Inc programs are powerful, positive interventions in the lives of children. Children in poverty, homelessness, and foster care often have increased barriers to success due to difficult living circumstances and lack of basic childhood resources. 

By simply filling a child’s most basic needs profile, SCI is able to reduce, and often reverse, some of the most common problems experienced by children suffering in poverty.

YES! Year round distributions wrap up with Santa’s signature founding program, saving Christmas for thousands of children each year through two major Christmas Distributions.

Our Goal

Santa Claus Inc.’s longstanding service has developed exceptional trust and a stellar reputation that helps the organization significantly touch the lives of children who are suffering in poverty. Our goal is to provide essential resources for ALL children suffering in dire circumstances. We will strive to never turn away any child whose life can be greatly improved through the acquisition of resources from Santa Claus, Inc.