Christmas Distribution

SCI’s Annual Christmas Distribution is a week-long event that SAVES Christmas for over 20,000 children in poverty each year. This Signature Program provides new toys, clothing, books, layettes, blankets, and other necessities to children in need identified through San Bernardino County School District Partners. Parents receive a special invitation to come down to Santa’s Warehouse and “shop for free” to select gifts for their children during SCI’s seven days of Christmas Distribution. For more information on the program such as becoming a partner, volunteer, sponsor, or family beneficiary: please contact us by filling out the Contact Form.

Youth Enrichment Services (YES!)

The year round YES! Program meets poverty with provision for Inland Empire children who are struggling with poverty, homelessness, foster care placement, and other difficult or challenging circumstances. YES! Program services accomplish three main program priorities: Empower Youth, Address Critical Needs, & Maximize Opportunities for children living below the poverty line. The bi-county region is known for having the highest Child Poverty Rate in the nation, where 7 out of 10 children are currently living below the federal poverty line. Yes! Program services are designed to alleviate the sting of poverty for low income families and children by providing NEW childhood essentials that fill a child’s most basic needs profile. By providing low income families with access to NEW childhood clothing , shoes, coats, books, toys, school supplies, birthday presents, hygiene supplies, Christmas gifts and more, families are able to allocate more of their limited financial resources towards meeting the rising cost of living across the Inland Empire. YES! resources are made available and accessible to low income families in every city and community across the IE thorugh the largest and most successful bi-county collaboration of partners made up of 48 IE school districts, and 100+ agency partners including non-profits, community organizations, county agencies, police and fire departments, social services, hospitals, shelters, churches, and MANY MORE. Products become positive interventions that increase the quality of life for children at home, at school, and at play with peers, with children demonstrating significant improvements in the areas of mental health, self-esteem, engagement, behaviors, school attendance, and grades! In just 10 years, the SCI YES! Program has grown by more than 1000%, leveraging program services, products, and partnerships to disseminate an average of $5 million dollars worth of NEW childhood products that meet poverty with provision for 200,000 impoverished children across the Inland Empire each year. If you would like to be a part of the Child Poverty Revolution happening as a result of SCI Programs, please consider making a special GIFT today through our DONATE PAGE.

Yes! priorities are accomplished through five combined program strategies:


An impressive volunteer force of 1,200+ dedicate thousands of hours each year to meet the needs of children living in poverty across the Inland Empire.

Say YES! to Supporting Children all Year Round!