Christmas Distribution

SCI’s annual Christmas Distribution provides Merry Christmases for over 20,000 children annually. Our original Christmas Distribution program provides new toys, clothing, books, layettes, blankets, and other necessities through direct distribution to parents who are invited by special invitation to “shop for free” at our warehouse during seven days of Christmas Distribution.

Youth Enrichment Services (YES!)

Yes!  provides vital year round services to children living in poverty. Relying on three main priorities: “Empowering Youth”, “Addressing Critical Needs”, and “Maximizing Opportunities” Yes! programs significantly touch the lives of over 150,000 children annually.  Yes! programs provide essential needs items, including, but not limited to,  new clothing, toys, shoes, infant items, school supplies, books, blankets, coats, hygiene kits, and more to our partnering agencies to distribute to families with children served through their programs. Yes! Program outreach is made possible through a network of partners including 60 nonprofits, 21 school districts, and countywide agencies.  Yes! Combined program strategies are proven to increase the quality of life for children in poverty at home, school, and socially among peers. Measurements show significant improvements in health, self-esteem, peer engagement, behavior, school attendance, and even grades.

Yes! priorities are accomplished through five combined program strategies:


An impressive volunteer force of 1,200+ dedicate thousands of hours each year to meet the needs of children living in poverty across the Inland Empire.


Say YES! to Supporting Children all Year Round!